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An Ignorantly Happy Death Sentence

"When I had health insurance two years ago, an ultrasound showed an abnormality. I lost my insurance and haven't been back. While I am sure it is not cancerous, I don't know. As I told my grown son, would I rather tell myself that I am fine and be happy, or go back for another ultrasound, see that it's grown and have no way to treat it? I will die both ways, just will be ignorantly happy by just ignoring it. It is inexcusable that a working woman with two small children may face a death sentence, because she can't afford to be treated, because her choice is a home and support for her kids, and there is no money left after that. If I didn't work, I would have healthcare of some sort or Medicaid. The government punishes responsible taxpayers."
- Maureen, Daphne, AL

Story collected by the Susan G. Komen Advocacy Alliance

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